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Christmas Escape Game - Project Sleigh

Here it is: the Christmas themed Escape Game designed and created exclusively for virtual team building events. Project S.L.E.I.G.H is a hilarious and festive online game that is perfect for the teams that are working from home or in different locations.

Using virtual platforms, you will solve puzzles, find clues and more, in an immersive, fully online experience.

Bringing Christmas into the 21st century is a tough nut to crack. To achieve this task, Santa Clause assembles ‘The Scientific League of Elf Innovation for Gift-giving Holidays’ aka ‘Project S.L.E.I.G.H.’.

Their first task? To create a brand-new, top of the range, flying vehicle, so that Santa can deliver gifts around the world in half the time. But things have overrun! It’s the night before Christmas Eve, the Tabogganator 5000 just isn’t ready… and the old sleigh has been decommissioned.

The fate of Christmas hangs in the balance. Can you and your team collect and assemble the finished components from each department before it’s too late?

Can you help save Christmas? Enquire today for a virtual Christmas party guaranteed to get everyone involved.

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