Pride Trivia Quiz

You’ll need to know more than your ABCs for this LGBTQ+ themed quiz. Test your colleagues’ knowledge of the history, pop culture and icons of the LGBTQ+ scene, with fun-filled rounds that will have everyone working together, competing and maybe even learning a thing or two!

Remember that this isn’t just a quiz for a select few, everyone will enjoy the Pride Trivia Quiz. Make it an addition to your Pride celebrations, broaden your diversity & inclusion horizons, or make it a summer or Christmas party event that your team will talk about for weeks.

You’ll experience three engaging rounds, and remember, the answers will all relate back to the LGBTQ+ scene, so get those cogs whirring and start swotting up on everyone from your Ru Pauls to your Anne Listers (note: these may or may not be answers on your quiz).

Get ready for:
• Take PRIDE in your knowledge - we’ll start things off easy and get everyone comfortable
• Tedious Link - Start with one subject and end with another. Can you figure out what the subject will be?
• Face Mash - Can you guess who they are? Famous gay icons have been obscured in their pictures, it’s your job to find out who it is.
• Beat the Intro - you only have a few seconds of each song to listen to. Think you know the answer? We need the artist and the title, so write it down!

Don’t wait for Pride Month to book this event; Pride Trivia Quiz makes a welcome addition to your team any time of the year.

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