Away Day Activities

Trying to get away for the day? Need your team outside and bonding? Hoola Events can set up the perfect away day for your team. We can find your venue, indoors or outdoors, and host any number of activities to engage your colleagues for a day they will enjoy. We'll bring the excitement, you just need to bring your team.

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Away Day Activities, we've got loads!

Entertain, excite and engage your team with our bespoke end to end event
management, team building and bonding experiences.

  • All Activities 12
  • Evening Entertainment 1
  • Outdoor Team Building 8
  • Christmas Team Building 2
  • Indoor Team Building 3
  • Virtual Christmas Events 1
  • Virtual Team Building 1

Let us help you build your teams day with any specifics requirement you may have. 💬 Speak to our booking team to get started.

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