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The Insider

In a world that’s always online, who can you really trust? This online, fully bespoke escape game is hosted by a team of professional actors, with each game tailored and customised to you, the client! Keep reading to find out why The Insider is our most unique and immersive game yet.

Participants are told one of their colleagues has been stealing their private data – giving it to a nefarious organisation. The colleague in question will be a real-life employee of your choice, from your business or organisation, who will reveal actual details about your colleagues, almost as if they have really stolen the data!

It’s up to everyone to make it past firewalls, find hidden messages and avoid digital traps to keep what’s yours out of malicious hands. Access the mainframe, redirect the transfer and take on The Insider!

Inspired by modern Spy/Action such as Kingsman and Mission Impossible; this is part- virtual Escape Room, part- spy hacking experience (with no hacking knowledge required).

The storyline and gameplay are made bespoke for each client adding to the humour, engagement and massively increasing the overall quality.

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