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Inject some life into your event production with our professional audio/visual services, digital platforms, equipment hire and studio solutions. Here at Hoola, we take care of everything, including installation and operation, with a flexible service to suit any and all events.

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What audio visuals services do you offer?

Professional corporate events require sound and visuals that can reach and engage all attendees, but different venues require different Audio Visual (AV) equipment.

Hoola has run thousands of events in as many venues, meaning we can find the right AV set up for your event and location, no matter the size or scope.

We can install, operate and break down the equipment, with knowledgeable staff who are on-hand to ensure spotlights are on the hosts and speakers can be heard from the back.

What audio visual equipment can we hire?

If you know what equipment you need, Hoola can provide and set it up at your venue or event space.

Or, you can let us know what kind of sound, lighting or presentation needs you have, and we can advise you on the best equipment to achieve it.

In terms of equipment we can provide lighting, projection equipment, speakers, public address (pa) systems, microphones, mixing boards; anything you need to fulfill your audio visual needs.

What do you offer for digital events?

If your event is taking place online, then Hoola ensures that it is polished and engaging, without the connection going down.

Most of our events can be adapted to online, with our hosts joining too. On in-house studio ensures a professional and entertaining live experience, and we can pre-record in our studio too.

For large-scale events, get in touch to learn about our digital conference system, designed from the ground up with large-scale online events in mind.

Can you organise hybrid events?

Yes, Hoola has the infrastructure in place for events to take place digitally and physically simultaneously. Let us know in your enquiry if you are interested in this option..

How do I get in touch?

If you want to find out what AV equipment Hoola can provide for your event, or how we can achieve your event’s needs, then complete the form and we will be in touch soon.

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